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The History Of Binbirdirek Cistern

Share This:     1001 Direk Cistern opens its doors to the visitors as a place that lives every day differently and serves varied alternatives since we purpose...

Zorlu Shopping Center / Mall

Zorlu Mall Center

Share This:   Creating an unequalled living space at the heart of Istanbul, Zorlu Center is now the “ meeting venue in the city” Beymen, located on an area of...

Jeep Safari Adventure in Cappadocia

Share This:   One of the most exciting adventures in Cappadocia is exploring the region in an off-road vehicle.  Taking a jeep Safari driving will  offer  the...

Gondolla ride on the Red River ' Kızılırmak'

Gondolla ride on the Red River ‘ Kızılırmak’

Share This: Kızılırmak River, also known as the Halys River in ancient Greek, is the longest river in Turkey flowing for a total of about 1,350 kilometers. The...

Kapadokya Ballons

Hot air ballon experience in Cappadocia

Share This:     Hot air ballon experience in Cappadocia experience begins  from your hotel to the departure area . While you enjoy your morning coffee ,  the...

Back of 20TL_Turkish

Historical Tayyare Apartments on 20TL Turkish Banknote

Share This: 20 lira banknotes of Turkey covers the photo of late Ottoman period architect Mimar Kemalettin and his famous construction TAYYARE apartments that he...

Sacred House

Sacred House History

Share This:     Once upon a time, In Cappadocia the people & the fairies used To live together in peace & happiness. At those times, impossibles were...

Cats in Turkey

Turkey and The Beautiful Cats on the Streets.

Share This:         Cat is a very popular animal in all over Turkey. The number of cats on the streets remains unknown but you could easily see a cat...

visa for Turkey

Turkey and Visa

Share This: Turkey has long been one of the must-see destinations for tourists from all over the globe. Millions of travelers visit our fantastic country every year. For...

Tulips in Istanbul

Spring in Istanbul will be missed

Share This:   Spring in Istanbul  showed up with colorful flowers , the Tulips and the Hyacints are covering spacious parks in the city.