Fascinating Tulips Of Istanbul

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Tulips had a huge role in Turkish arts and culture for centuries and also Istanbul’s traditional symbol.

Each April International Tulip Festival is organized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality by planting millions of tulips to the city parks, squares and gardens. Emirgan Grove, Hıdıv Pavilion, Gülhane Park, Yıldız Grove, Fethi Pasha Grove and Beykoz Grove which grabs the visitors by creating gorgeus landscape.

Last year in 2015 around 20 million tulips of 190 different species have been planted all around Istanbul.

The tulips begin to bloom at the end of March or beginning of April. During the month of April millions of tulips will bloom throughout the parks of Istanbul and alongside numerous events are organized, like a tulip carpet, paining exhibitions, photography competitions, traditional Turkish Arts performances like calligraphy and glass furnace etc.

Come to Istanbul in April and enjoy the beautiful tulip sceneries, not to mention the thousand other things that make this city the most fascinating in the world.

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