The Animals Turkish Stamps - Crystal Concepts

The Animals – 31.12.2015

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The Animals Turkish Stamps - Crystal Concepts

The Animals Turkish Stamps – Crystal Concepts

Three valuable commemorative blocks with “The Animals” theme and first day cover, prepared by giving places the visuals of “Angora Goat”, “Angora Cat” and “Angora Rabbit”, were put into circulation on 31.12.3015 by Repuclic of Turkey Post and Telegraph Corporation.

Angora Cat : Angora cat, whose homeland is Ankara, is known as the first cat which has long hair. The original colour of Angora Cat is white but, they have been raised in different colours with much hair because of the hybridization. Having two different eye colours and long white hair are one of the most distinguishing features of this cat from the other cats. The Angora cats, which are loyal to their owners, are energic, tricky, smart, tender-minded and curious.

Angora Goat : Since they are raised in Ankara, they are called “Angora Goat”. The thin and shiny hair, which covers the body of the goat, is called “mohair” – “tiftik” and that’s why the goats are known as “Tiftik Goat” in public. Some of the goats have tiftik clusters even on their forehead and these clusters are called “kakül”. Comparing to the other domestic goats, Angora goats are smaller and slighter.

Angora Rabbit : It is the oldest rabbit race. Today, there are many different types of this race. The most famous ones are English, French, German, Giant and Satin. Although, the homeland of this race is in Ankara, it is extinct in Turkey. Angora rabbit was brought again to be grown on a farm in Kayseri by a Turkish citizen, who lived in Germany, in 1995. In 2001, “Angora rabbit survival and dissermination Project” was created by Provincial Directorate of Agriculture with the support of Ankara Governor’s Environmental Protection Foundation. The body type of this rabbit is medium and it has long hair. Although its original colour is white, it has different colours of hair.

Value : 1,40 TL – 1,40 TL – 2,80 TL

Date of Issue : 31.12.2015

Quantity : 3 x 100.000

Size : 26×41 mm

Printing Process : Digital

Printing House : PTT Printing House

Last Date of Sale : Limited with the quantity

Graphic Design : Tülay ATEŞ


The Animals Turkish Stamps FDC - Crystal Concepts

The Animals Turkish Stamps FDC – Crystal Concepts

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