Turkish General Elections of 2015

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The Turkish general election of 2015 was held on 7 June 2015 to elect the 550 members of the Grand National Assembly. The election was the 24th general election in the history of the Turkish Republic and the elected members formed the 25th Parliament of Turkey. Amid speculation that no party would win enough seats to govern alone, the result was the first hung parliament since 1999.

Turkey’s ruling party won the most seats in Sunday’s parliamentary elections, but it fell short of the majority needed to rule without forming a coalition with other parties.


Despite pre-election concerns by the European Union and the OSCEover media bias and Erdoğan’s involvement, the election was largely praised for being well organised and was declared free and fair by the European Parliament.


The election result brought forth an embryonic new Turkey, but not the one the president wanted.

It produced what is tantamount to a cultural revolution in Turkish political life. Women will pour into the 550-seat parliament in Ankara in unprecedented numbers, 98 up from 79. Openly gay candidates won seats for the HDP. Most of all, the long-repressed Kurdish minority (one in 5 citizens) will be properly represented in the parliament for the first time with 80 seats.

“This is the first time that feminists in Turkey actively supported a political party,” said feminist activist Mehtap Dogan. “Up until now we have always done politics on our own, away from parliament. But this time we ran a campaign supporting the HDP because we believed in their sincerity when it comes to defending the rights of women, LGBTs and ethnic minorities.”



The new government which is expected to be a coalition of parties is to be established in a month basis. Public in general is happy with the results. The aftermath of the election now seems set to hinge on private meetings. And the outcome of those talks and deals could take sometime to emerge.

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