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Historical Tayyare Apartments on 20TL Turkish Banknote

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20 lira banknotes of Turkey covers the photo of late Ottoman period architect Mimar Kemalettin and his famous construction TAYYARE apartments that he completed in 1922.  Mimar Kemaleddin  was among the pioneers of the First Turkish National Architectural Movement.  He was inspired by the Ottoman classical architecture, and tried to create a new style by combining the distinct features of German and Ottoman architecture. He rendered the characteristics of Ottoman and Islamic structures so that they reflect the Turkish national identity. He put archescopings and tiles on the facade of his buildings in foreground, emphasized symmetry and highlighted conventional style with turrets andcornices.

Back of 20TL_Turkish

Back of 20TL_Turkish

And the Tayyare Apartments are a complex of four buildings completed located in the old city of IstanbulTurkey. The apartments were originally built aspublic housing for the victims of a great fire, converted later into hotel premises. The building is currently a five stars hotel named as Wyndham Istanbul Old city.

Hotel Wyndham Old City - Istanbul

Hotel Wyndham Old City – Istanbul

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